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At Enamour we can provide a long-term solution to facial problems such as Rosacea, thread veins and red spots. Enamour correct red veins by applying light energy to the skin, which is absorbed by blood vessels. The light heats them to a point where they are destroyed. Post-treatment the vessels clear quickly are reabsorbed by the body. This results in little or no trace of them. Treatments take 15-45 minutes and 3-5 sessions are recommended for optimal results.
Recommended to: Nasal Veins, Leg Veins, Rosacea, Cherry Angiomas, Venous Lake;

What are the benefits?

Before After
Consultation Price
Skin Therapist/Specialist £15
Doctor £30
Treatment Area Single Treatment Course One
(3 treatments with 15% discount)
Facial Veins ( 1 Area)
Leg Veins
Venous Lake
Cherry Angiomas
Warts and Verrucas

Acne Treatment

Acne scarring treatment called ResurFACE.

Laser Hair Removal

A solution to excess body hair on the face or other areas of the body, for both men and women.

Viviscal Professional

Maintain healthy hair growth from within.


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