ResurFACE acne scarring treatment.

What is Acne?

Acne is a common skin condition. It affects most people at some point in their life-, especially around their hormonal teens. It causes spots, oily skin and sometimes skin which is hot or painful to touch. 

How can we help?

At Enamour we can help treat acne using laser treatment, prescription grade homecare treatment, medical grade skin peels, antibiotics and combination therapy. We can also offer acne scarring treatment called ResurFACE. It is a resurfacing laser which allows for fine-control ablation of the top layer of the skin. The laser causes small columns of heat damage which stimulates collagen renewal and epidermal turnover. Patients can also opt for dermal fillers to correct acne scarring. The treatment takes around 35 minutes and we recommend our patients take between 3-6 sessions. The procedure helps to rectify the pits caused by acne scarring.

What are the benefits?

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The light emitted from the Intense Pulsed Light system directly targets overactive sebaceous glands, significantly reducing the total number and severity of active lesions, and lessening the inflammation and occurrence of break-outs. The light stimulates the production of new collagen to improve skin texture, and can also reduce the appearance of red or brown areas of skin that are often associated with acne breakouts.

Almost everyone can be treated, apart from very dark skinned or tanned individuals. If you are pregnant or taking Roaccutane (an acne medication), it is best not to undergo laser or Intense Pulsed Light treatment.

Treatment is mildly uncomfortable, but no anaesthesia is required. Many people describe the sensation as similar to the flick of an elastic band. What should I expect after the treatment? Immediately after treatment, the skin may appear red, and a warm tingling sensation may be felt. Typically the skin is cooled to ease any discomfort, and a calming gel is applied.

The treated area can become quite red immediately after treatment, but this usually disappears within a couple of hours. Most people experience no other side effects, but very rarely a small blister could form, or the skin may become temporarily lighter or darker.

A typical treatment session is approximately 30 minutes; it also depends on the area treated.

A layer of chilled gel is applied to the skin to help guide the light. The light guide is placed onto the skin, and a short pulse of light is released. The applicator is passed over the skin several times before moving onto the neighbouring area, and the process is repeated until the whole area is treated. Each pulse of light treats a large area of skin, and so the duration of the treatment is concise. The gel is removed, and the skin is moisturised. During the procedure, protective eyewear will be provided.

The number of treatments necessary varies from person to person, but typically 6 Intense Pulsed Light and six exfoliating treatments will result in a significant improvement.

You must first undergo a consultation where details about your medical history are obtained to confirm suitability. Before proceeding you will be asked to sign a consent form and undergo a test patch.

Consultations Prices
Therapist/Specialist FREE
Doctor £30
Treatment Area Single Treatment Course 1 (3 treatments with 20% discount) Course 2 (6 treatments with 30% discount)
Half Face £95 - £47.50 £228 £399
Full Face £130 - £65 £312 £546
Full Face & Neck £160 - £80 £384 £672
Full Face, Chest & Neck £220 - £110 £528 £924
Neck Only £100 - £50 £240 £420
Chest Only £125 - £62.50 £300 £525
Hands £90 - £45 £216 £378


V Kirby

Really impressed with the laser hair removal on my legs after only 2 sessions in! After having patch tests elsewhere in the past that were really quite painful, the system Enamour uses is a welcome relief. Professional and friendly.

K Rai

Accidentally came across this clinic and found it to be amazing for laser hair removal. Staff are really comforting and knowledgable which made it very easy to communicate and ask for advice. Looking forward to having less body hair with enamour. Highly recommend this place!

Z Bray

Enamour are very professional and give great customer service. I would definitely recommend them for the treatments they offer.

H Sutton

I have been having treatment on my legs for cellulite and skin tightening after an operation which meant I couldn't exercise and put on weight. The difference after 3 treatments is amazing! My legs are tighter and the skin tone transformed...

S Rai

I went for the hair removal service with my cousin. Staff really nice and helpful and the facility looks professional and clean. I was happy with the service and I am glad I chose Enamour to begin the hairless stage of my life. I will also consider other procedures here for the future.

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