Aesthetic Injectables In Wimbledon

Why Injectables?

Aesthetic injections help to smooth your facial features and promote a more youthful look by relaxing your muscles. This stops them from creating creases in your skin, making them suitable for the prevention of expression lines as well as more permanent fixtures such as crow’s feet. Get in touch for a free consultation with our experts at Enamour.

What Are The Benefits?


Yes. To make sure your injections are as safe as possible, treatment should be carried out by an experienced, licensed practitioner at a reputable centre such as Enamour.
Everyone responds differently to the treatment, but most can expect to see between 6 to 18 months of their effects. However, towards the end of this time span, there will be some fading so to maintain the full look it’s important to top up early.
Although popular amongst older people who already have wrinkles, younger people use the injections to prevent the onset of fine lines as well. Candidates must be over 18.
It’s a myth that everyone will be able to tell you’ve had injections. Skilled practitioners will always make sure your face looks as natural as possible to subtly enhance your features.
Drooping or sagging skin as well as sun damage can’t be treated with ageing injections.
You’ll need to discuss your medical history before treatment, though injections are suitable for most people. Some reasons you shouldn’t have injections include being pregnant or certain allergies.
You may experience some bruising or inflammation for up to 48 hours. This can easily be treated with standard painkillers should you experience discomfort.
Within a few days, you’ll already see a great improvement but your wrinkles will become lighter over the course of the first month following injections.
Consultation Price
Skin Therapist/Specialist £15
Doctor £30
Area 1 Session
1 Area From £195
2 Areas From £295
3 Areas From £349
Neck From £450
Underarms, Feet, Palm (both)
From £545
Fillers Price
From £285
Lines – Nose to Mouth
From £379
Lines – Mouth to Chin
From £379
From £385
Tear trough fillers
From £350


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