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What is a Hollywood Carbon Peel?

‘It is what all the celebs in Hollywood are raving about. The likes of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian all love it! So, what is it? It is a non-invasive, leading anti-ageing, pigmentation, acne and large pore treatment which involves cleansing, extraction and a laser peel.’

Benefits & FAQ

It stimulates the production of collagen, closes large pores. Also helps to prevent and fighting acne.

Not really. The only thing which peels is your tired dead skin and the carbon that is applied on it.

There is no downtime. There could be mild redness which wears of quickly. You can see immediate skin glow and tightening.

No, the treatment is very comfortable. You might feel some heat to mild pricking which is not unbearable.

Ideally 3 to 5 sessions and then maintenance depending upon the skin issues you have. One-off treatment is good too for a glowing party look.

Consultations Prices
Skin Therapist/Specialist £15
Doctor £30
Treatment Area Single treatment Course One
(3 treatments with 15% discount)
Course Two
(5 treatments with 25% discount)
Full Face
Full Face and Neck

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