Laser Hair Removal

Are you tired of constantly shaving, to be left with ingrown hairs and an unsmooth finish? Do you want a hair removal treatment that offers long-lasting results with no pain, leaving you with soft and smooth skin? At Enamour, our laser hair removal treatment can give you just that. Plus, we are currently offering up to 50% off our services.

How Does It Work
Laser hair removal works by using a laser to emit wavelengths of light which target the pigment of your hair follicle. The heat from the laser is absorbed by the melanin in your hair, heating the shaft. This heat destroys the hair follicle, which then detaches from the hair shaft. When the hair follicle is destroyed, it means that the hair cannot grow back, leaving you with permanent hair reduction
Be free from unwanted hair

Do you have annoying hair on your legs, underarms and bikini line? Shaving these areas, again and again, is ineffective. The area remains hairless for only a few hours before the hair starts growing back. It can also lead to darkened areas of skin and painful ingrown hairs.

These issues never occur with laser hair removal. The process is precise, fast and painless, with minimal side effects. It causes less irritation to the skin with no ingrown hairs, leaving you with a smoother finish that you will be proud to show off. Plus, sessions take between 10 and 45 minutes, meaning you can easily fit it in around your busy schedule.

Is it really permanent?
Yes! Sessions need to be conducted every 4-8 weeks to destroy all hair which is growing. For optimum results, six or more treatments will be needed to give you unlimited hair removal. After your treatments, you will love the feeling of never having to shave or wax again.
Get smoother skin for life
Don’t put off your smooth skin journey any longer. Laser hair removal can transform the look and feel of your skin, giving you extra confidence and helping you to feel beautiful. To book a consultation and discuss prices, get in touch with our team today.